Major US Cities With Affordable Office Space

Do you want to start a digital marketing business but uncertain where to get started? Indeed, it is exhilarating when starting your own business. Oftentimes, running a business is such a distinctive challenge due to the limited assets, specifically the initial capital.

Office space is crucial for startups and established businesses since it shapes company culture. If your workplace lets you concentrate on tasks, meet your clients without hesitation as well as develop a professional image all at once, it would be easier for you to obtain your business goals.

But picking an office isn’t easy especially when you’re living in the United States. You need to find major cities where you can purchase or rent office spaces without getting broke. Fret not because this list can help you decide which US city can offer inexpensive office space;

Chattanooga, Tennessee

According to the research of SmartAsset, they discovered that Chattanooga caters the most inexpensive office space throughout the country. A one-year rent on a 1000-square foot space situated in Gig City costs not more than $15,000.

Moreover, for digital-related businesses out there, its ultra-fast internet can greatly help you grow your firm. This is one reason why it earned its nickname known as Gig City. It won’t just spare your pocket from high utility bills, but the place itself can also improve your productivity.

Wichita, Kansas

Situated in the western part of Mississippi, Wichita won’t disappoint you especially if you’re in the market for cheap commercial space without going farther from the major cities. As per Reis Inc. Wichita’s price, per square foot of space is around $14.55 yearly on average. If that’s the case, you can lease a thousand square foot office for about $14,550 every year unlike in New York City, you need to pay almost $66,110 for an office lease. It could be your best option especially if you are planning to build a new business in the southern part of the country.

Little Rock, Arkansas

If you’re a start-up and wants to bootstrap your resources in building your business, investing on a 1,000 square foot in Little Rock is a wise decision. You just need to pay more or less $1,546 which will let you save a hundred bucks every year, something you can’t do if you’re based in other cities.

Aside from that, costs of utilities in this area are relatively low. It has also the lowest fee for business filings which costs $45 only so you can submit the needed paperwork.

These are some of the recommended cities for people who want to start a low-budget business. Keep in mind, the location and its price has a great impact on your overall startup cost. Don’t be ashamed to start from cheapest option.

But before proceeding, make sure you do your homework by finding an ideal location that is suitable to your business needs and can be accessed easily to make your life more convenient. In a nutshell, it takes lots of perseverance, determination, and creativity to run a business and succeed.