Automatic Pet Feeder Small&Medium Pets Automatic Food Feeder and Waterer Set 3.8L, Travel Supply Feeder and Water Dispenser for Dogs Cats Pets Animals (light gray)

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Product Description

automatic cat feeders

Two Pack You Will Get: 1* cat feeder, 1* cat water dispenser.Food Grade Material: Our pet feeder made of food grade plastic, 100% BPA Free. Protect pet’s health.Fresh Water and Food Anytime: The automatic cat feeders refills with water and food as it empties, keeping water and food fresh inside the reservoir until it dispenses.1 Gallon Large Capacity: About 7 days for small pets, 3 days for big pets. You can rest assured to go on vacation, work, party.

dog water bowl dispenserdog water bowl dispenser

With automatic gravity flow technology, the automatic pet feeder no electricity required at all, can be used both indoor and outdoor.The Structure of our automatic dog feeder is stable, will not tip over.

dog water bowl

dog water bowl

dog food bowls

dog food bowls

automatic dog feeder

automatic dog feeder

Easy to Add Food

Uncover the cap on the top of the dog food bowls, you can add dry pet food easily. After the lid is closed, the grain can be kept away from damp and moldy with a good sealing.

15 degree slope

With 15 degree carefully slope of the pet feeder, Food comes out smoothly and no food stuck, friendly for pets to eat.

Easy to disassembly

The body is easy to unscrew from the base of the dog feeder by pushing the round buckle of the two side, it is convenient for hand-washing.

cat food dispenser

cat food dispenser

cat feeder

cat feeder

cat water dispenser

cat water dispenser

Transparent windows

There are transparent windows on the automatic pet feeder, you can easily see the amount of food and water.

Siphon Design

The screw cover the bottle of the dog water bowl dispenser is made of siphon design. When the water in the dog water bowl reaches a certain height, the spring device which on the cat water dispenser will close and the water stops flowing automatically.

Non-slip Rubber Feet

There are 4 non-slip rubber feet under the base of dog feeder and dog water dispenser for secure safe placement. The automatic dog feeder can be used both indoor or outdoor with no electric needed.

dog water dispenserdog water dispenser

Questions and Answers:

Q: Will my dog eat much more than he need as this is automatic?A: Usually, the first day when he use the automatic dog feeder, maybe he will eat much, but our pets are smarter than we think, They will slowly quit this bad habit.Q: Will the water overflow?A: When the water in the water tank reaches a certain height, the spring device in the middle of the barrel mouth will automatically close, and the water will stop flowing; when the water is below a certain height, the spring device will automatically open and continue to flow out.Q: How is the quality? does it have smell?A: Our dog water bowl dispenser and dog food bowls set is made from food grade plastic material, it is safe and tasteless.

Automatic cat feeder and cat water dispenser set:buy 1 get 2 packs automatic cat feeders,1* cat food feeder,1*cat water bowl feeder,enough your cats dogs both water and food required
Automatic refills food and water with gravity cat feeders:gravity cat dog feeder with self-gravity feeding design for this cats feeder and water dispenser,no electricity required, Eco-friendly automatic cat feeder and can be used choice if you need to go to work or travel, do not need to worry about your pets being hungry
One gallon big capacity dog water bowl dispenser and automatic dog feeder:both cat food dispenser and cat water dispenser with large capacity 1 gallon,can last about 7 days for small kitten, 3 days for big pets,You can rest assured to go on vacation, work, party, do not have to worry about pets will be hungry
Big mouth design prevent food getting struck:to effectively prevent the food from getting stuck for this cat food dispenser when it falling down,we make the cat food dispenser or dog food bowls mouth wider and bigger, so pets food can fall down smoothly
Siphon device design prevent water leakage:when the water in the water tank of the cat dog water dispenser reaches a certain height, the spring device will automatically close, the water will stop flowing, so it can effectively prevent water leakage

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