Tangle Teezer | Pet Teezer | De-Shedding and Dog Grooming Brush | Dry Brush or Dog Bath Brush | Purple & Grey

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De-shedding Brush

De-shedding BrushDe-shedding Brush

De-shedding BrushDe-shedding Brush

De-shedding BrushDe-shedding Brush

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4.4 out of 5 stars

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4.4 out of 5 stars

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— £8.33£8.33 £8.33£8.33

Coat type
1. Heavy shedding & long haired dogs 1. Wiry & fine haired dogs 1. Puppy or sensitive skin 1. Short to medium legnth fur

Hair benefit
2. Deshedding 2. Detangling 2. Detangling 2. Detangling & smoothing

Brush size
3. Regular 3. Regular 3. Small 3. Small

Teeth type/strength
4. Two-tiered teeth 4. Two-tiered teeth 4. Two-tiered teeth 4. Two-tiered teeth

INTRODUCING PET TEEZER BY TANGLE TEEZER: Expertly designed de-shedding brush for your beloved canine companions, ensuring gentle yet effective grooming for double-coated breeds like Pomeranians, Shiba Inus, and Huskies.
PATENTED DUAL-TIER TECHNOLOGY: Experience the brilliance of our two-tier teeth system. Longer teeth delve deep, eliminating dirt from the undercoat, while the shorter ones effortlessly pick up and remove loose hairs. Ideal for seasonal shedding or when in heated interiors.
KIND TO YOUR PET: Our gentle polymer teeth ensure a brush burn-free experience, making grooming sessions a comfortable affair for your pet. Suitable for both wet and dry fur.
COMFORT-DRIVEN ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Designed with you in mind, our palm brush boasts an ergonomic design to prevent wrist strain, promoting more frequent and comfortable brushing sessions for your dog.
HASSLE-FREE CLEANING: No more tedious clean-ups post grooming. Our brush allows for easy removal of hair and a simple rinse under warm water ensures cleanliness. Dry with teeth facing up to maintain longevity.

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